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  • 11-23
    Happy Thanksgiving Day

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  • 10-17
    Double Ninth Festival

    Chung Yeung Festival, the Lunar New Year of September nine, 29-phase heavy, known as "Chongjiu", because the early September nine "99" Homophonic is "a long time", there is a lasting meaning, so often in this day worship and promote the elderly activities.Folk in the day has ascended the custom, so Read More »

  • 09-08
    EBOSS FABRIC-hot fabric recommended Part1

    衣伯仕纺织成立十余年,集研发、生产、贸易为一体,专业生产及加工中高档针织面料。各类功能面料和弹力面料是我司的主导产品,是瑜伽、跑步、健身等运动类服饰、休闲服饰及内衣的理想选择。我司成立至今,一直坚持以品质服务为第一位,致力于做功能与弹力类面料领域的专家。本周为大家推荐我司涤纶类热销产品,图片色均有库存样布可以提供,欢迎来电来信咨询~~ Read More »

  • 08-11
    Apparel Industry Clothes Chapter--Clothes

    Costume to wear to protect human, anti-static and products of the decorative role, its synonym "clothing" and "clothes". The ancient Chinese "shirt lower. In the broadest sense, clothing in addition to the shelter of the trunk and limbs, but also hands (gloves), feet (shoes, sandals, boots) and hea Read More »

  • 08-04

    Jacquard fabric, fabric weaving with warp and weft tissue changes to form a flower case, its yarn count is fine; can be divided into woven, warp jacquard and weft jacquard. The weft-knitted fabric has good elasticity when it is pulled horizontally and longitudinally. The warp knitting and woven jacq Read More »

  • 07-28
    EBOSS new development-nylon 66 function series

    In this ever-changing society, satisfying the production of existing orders is unable to survive and sustain the sustainable development of the company.The development and promotion of new fabrics is also a major aspect of our company. Our company has a professional development team, which can be de Read More »

  • 07-21
    EBOSS Product-Brush Series

    A brushed fabric is a kind of fabric that is formed by the interaction between a sanding machine and a corundum cloth or a card clothing. The abrasive cloth is formed by friction to form the pile hair, and the card clothing is obtained by hooking the pile hair. The sanding is a finishing process of Read More »

  • 07-14
    Heavy attack, EBOSS go!

    Recently, Read More »

  • 07-14
    E-Boss Won the Prize of China Fabrics

    E-Boss Won the Prize of Fabrics China AppraisalChina International Fabric Design Competition 2018 has been held as scheduled.It has successfully been held 38 sessions since 1999.We E-Boss have also took part in this competition and made great achievements since 2011.This year our development special Read More »

  • 07-03

    ISPO SHANGHAI,We are ComingISPO SHANGHAI,Asia (Summer) sports and fashion show,as an indicator of the global sports industry, will be held in SHANGHAI New International Expo Center on 5th July , 2018 to 7th July, 2018.The exhibition covers fitness yoga, sports trends, mountain skiing, water sports a Read More »

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