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EBOSS new development-nylon 66 function series

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In this ever-changing society, satisfying the production of existing orders is unable to survive and sustain the sustainable development of the company.

The development and promotion of new fabrics is also a major aspect of our company. Our company has a professional development team, which can develop according to customers' samples, and is also willing to develop new functional fibers and fancy yarns.

The following is a brief introduction to the nylon 66 functional series recently developed by our company.

Coffee Carbon Nylon

Coffee carbon nylon is a fiber of natural insulation properties of fiber. Also has the antibacterial deodorization function concurrently, which makes you the perfect comfortable feeling everyday. Coffee carbon nylon, add the natural coffee carbon into the nylon fiber skillfully, make the functional nylon fiber of green environmental protection, have the excellent warmth effect, suit the close-fitting clothes fabric very much.




88%Nylon 12%Spandex

Quantum Energy nylon

Quantum energy nylon is a functional fiber with anti-UV & anti-microbial function. Quantum-energy nylon maintains the skin-friendly, supple, and abrasion-resistant properties of fabrics by accumulating quantum in air and water, releasing quantum energy and adjusting fabric temperature.


Cooling Nylon 

Cooling nylon uses natural minerals with thermal conductivity as the main function of cooling sensation. It is organically added to nylon fiber, which greatly improves the heat conduction and moisture absorption properties of nylon, thus achieving the cooling effect of the fabric. It is suitable for sports and hot weather. 




87%Nylon 13%Spandex

Soft Nylon

Porous fine denier nylon fabric is as soft and smooth as a baby's skin, giving the wearer a dry, comfortable, skin-friendly feel. It is an ideal material for underwear, sportswear, dance and decorative clothing.




84%Nylon 16%Spandex