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EBOSS Product-Brush Series

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A brushed fabric is a kind of fabric which formed by the interaction between a sanding machine and a corundum cloth or a card clothing. The abrasive cloth is formed by friction to form the pile hair, and the card clothing is obtained by hooking the pile hair. The brushing is a finishing process atter printing and dyeing. After the fabric is brushed, the handfeel is soft, comfortable, rich in texture, strong in drape, easy to care, and full of suede.


The brushed fabric is a functional product that retains the original properties of the fabric while forming a short pile layer on the surface of the fabric, which imparts a new style to the fabric while reducing the thermal conductivity of the sanded fabric.It is warmth and softness, its color is eye-catching, , and the appearance is full and pleasing


EBOSS has various kinds of brushed fabric include 100%polyester, elastic polyester,melange which Classified by component,and face peach, back brush, double side peach which classified by crafts.

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