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EBOSS| A happy reunion, happy Lantern Festival

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 the 10th day of the first lunar month

Yi Bo Shi officially started work.

"Starting a good job," naturally, it is necessary to start a red envelope.


Today is the Lantern Festival the 15th of the first month

It’s even more than a bowl of “sweet dumplings”

Get to work

Waiting for next year's Spring Festival holiday in hard work!


Lantern Festival Day is important as the Spring Festival.

After the Lantern Festival, the year is really passed.

Eat sweet dumplings, watch lanterns, guess riddles, put fireworks.

Today is the most lively day in the the streets and alleys.

Looking for him in the crowd for thousand times,when they look back, the man is in a dim light.



On the 15th day of the first month, eating Yuanxiao which is the sweet dumpling.Pack sweet dumpling may have been the memory of most people when they were young.Now people choose to go to the supermarket to buy a pack of quick-frozen dumplings, although the flavors and cooking methods vary from region to region,but all means a happy reunion.



Watching Lanterns

The custom of lanterns began in the Western Han Dynasty,flourished in the Sui and Tang Dynasties,and the winds of the past dynasties prevailed and followed and later generations after the Sui and Tang Dynasties.The lanterns not only symbolize the human pursuit of beauty, but also show the craftsmanship of the lanterns of different dynasty artisans.


The long-established Quanzhou Lantern is a typical representative of southern lanterns. In 2006, it was selected as the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage. This year's lanterns were also lit up in Quanzhou City a few days ago.


Another highlight of the Lantern Festival this year is the "Super Moon". The biggest moon of the year will arrive at 23:54 tonight. Remember to look up for a big moon.


I wish you a happy Lantern Festival. May you reunite with your loved ones.