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E-Boss Product- Cationic Polyester Melange Series

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E-Boss Product- Cationic Polyester Melange Series

Cationic modified polyester filament is a new type of polyester products which introduced in polyester chip with polarity base SO 3Na isophthalic acid dimethyl spinning. its appearance the same as common polyester filament, but with cation modification. They not only greatly improved the color absorption of fiber, but also making it easier for the fiber dyeing and improve the color and moisture absorption.

This kind of fiber can not only ensure that the cation is easy to be dyed, but also increase the micro-pores of the fiber, so as to improve the dyeing rate, air permeability and moisture absorption of the fiber, and adapt to the imitation pure silk of polyester fiber.

Through imitation pure silk can make the fabric soft and breathable, comfortable, anti - static, room temperature and pressure can be dyed.

Fabrics with cationic polyester have the following characteristics when dyed :

1. Bright color, good color absortption;

2. High absorption rate (high dyeing rate);

3. High color fastness to sun and fading of smoke;

4. Good combination dyeing when color matching;

5. Good stability in high-temperature dyeing;

6. Less contamination to other fibers, including ordinary polyester fibers;

7. The diffusion rate to the inside of the fiber is fast and there is no ring dyeing;

8. Dye stability is high when PH value changes in dyeing. Fabrics can be compared with natural fabrics in terms of comfort and color brightness.and the price is lower than natural silk, which can generate high added value.

Our company is specialized in producing variety cationic polyester products. In addition to the traditional two tone polyester effect, we can produce different patterns of effect by changing its tissue structure.