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Apparel Industry Clothes Chapter--Clothes

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微信图片_20180726102101 Costume to wear to protect human, anti-static and products of the decorative role, its synonym "clothing" and "clothes". The ancient Chinese "shirt lower. In the broadest sense, clothing in addition to the shelter of the trunk and limbs, but also hands (gloves), feet (shoes, sandals, boots) and head (hats) shelter. A clothing with the process of the necessities of life, but also a certain degree of life, reflecting an important symbol of the country, the nation and the era of political, economic, scientific, cultural, educational level and social climate outlook, the construction of two civilizations inevitable connotations.

The clothing had already appeared in the early stages of development of human society. Ancient people made of various materials around can find crude "clothes" for Body. The first human clothes with
Made of animal skins, wrapped the body of the earliest "fabric" made of hemp fiber and grass. In the stage of primitive society, humans began to simple textile production, gathering wild textile fibers, rubbing results weaving for the taking. With the development of agriculture, animal husbandry, artificial cultivation of textile materials gradually increased, and the continuous development of the production of clothing, tools from simple to complex, clothing material variety is increasing. The clothing fabric raw materials, organizational structure and production method determines the form of. Only rough, hard fabric making simple structure clothing, soft thin fabric may have a system complex contour clothing. The oldest clothing belt, used to hang up the weapons necessary objects. Skins, leaves and braid belt, early skirts.