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A Perfect Ending of ISPO SH 2018

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A Perfect Ending of ISPO SH 2018

The three-day 2018 ISPO SHANGHAI exhibition ended on July 7.

Although SHANGHAI was accompanied by continuous rain, it could not resist the enthusiasm of visitors from all over the world.


During the three days of the exhibition, ISPO SHANGHAI gathered more than 600 brands from both domestic and foreign sports exhibitors. E-Boss is very honored to be one of them, showing and sharing the company's fabric products, and communicating with excellent brand companies in the exhibition.



In today's 21st century society, the improvement in people's pursuit of life is not only reflected in material goods and consumption, but also in the pursuit of health and enjoyment. In recent years, the craze of comprehensive fitness has swept all over the world. When it comes to the end of work time, there are always several night running, fitness and dancing in friends circle.

E-Boss has been working hard to bring our sports fabrics and functional fabrics to consumers. At present, with the rapid development of the society, more and better products are on the way to rise. E-Boss will not be ashamed of its mission to improve product quality and brand recognition.


We look forward to seeing you again at the ISPO MUNICH exhibition next year!